Your Local NDIS Provider in Sydney

First Care Provider is here to assist you with the quality NDIS services to support you to live your best life. Supporting people with disabilities has always been a part of our story.

NDIS Provider Sydney

NDIS Services Provider in Sydney

Our mission is to make you our number one priority while providing excellent service and awareness.
We will be there for you every step of the way.

Harmonious Environment

We work hard to maintain a positive working environment that provides everyone with support.


We will always be honest and keep our word to you. We strive to provide the best service possible.


We value independence and will always respect your decisions, opinions, and points of view.

Disability Services in Sydney

Accommodation /Tenancy

First Care Provider provide one on one support to assist you to achieve your Accommodation and Tenancy goals.

Assist – Travel/Transport

First Care Provider provides Assist – Travel/Transport services to people who require assistance getting around.

Assist Personal Activities

First Care Provider Assist Personal Activities include providing support that will make your life comfortable and easy.

Assist-Life Stage, Transition

First Care Provider helps you plan for change and learn coping strategies for the stress cause by the change.

Community Nursing Care

First Care Provider provides specialised services by registered nurses to participants with high care needs.

Daily Tasks/Shared Living

First Care Provider will assist you in developing the skills necessary to live as independently as possible.

First Care Provider will provide you with all of the assistance you require to go about your daily activities.

Early Childhood Supports

First Care Provider helps parents and carers who have a baby or young child with developmental delay or disability.

Home Modification

We provide home modification service so you safely and comfortably move around in areas you frequently use.

Household Tasks

First Care Provider can help you keep your home looking exactly how you want by helping you with household tasks.

Innovative Community Participation

First Care Provider will plan, organise, and facilitate a variety of activities to help participants improve their abilities.

Participate Community

First Care Providers offer short-term or ongoing assistance to help you manage your life independently and participate in your community.

Plan Management

We will collaborate with you to determine the best allocation of NDIS funds for your disability support.

Therapeutic Supports

First Care Provider will conduct an assessment and tailor a treatment plan to help individuals achieve their goals.

Vehicle Modifications

We aim to provide the disabled and their carer with vehicle modifications that will improve their quality of life.

Assistance for All Disabilities

First Care Provider is a company that was founded with the sole purpose of providing disability services that prioritise the participant in creating opportunities that promote independence and progression in a safe and non-discriminatory environment.

First Care Provider takes pride in being a Sydney-based NDIS Service Provider that prioritises you. Your preferences, needs, and goals guide our decisions. We strive to provide opportunity, independence, and advancement in a safe and non-discriminatory environment for all of our valued participants. 

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